Verden Auction November 2019

  1. Equestrian photography
    001 Fantastic F 06
  2. Equestrian photography
    004 Rocks 01
  3. Equestrian photography
    017 Cinderella 03
  4. Equestrian photography
    029 Digger-MF 01
  5. Equestrian photography
    043 Don Reed 05
  6. Equestrian photography
    089 Quedez 19 06
  7. Equestrian photography
    110 Beloni B 01
  8. Equestrian photography
    Hannoverener Novemberauktion 19
  9. Equestrian photography
    Letzte Auktion AAZ Wegener 02
  10. Equestrian photography
    Letzte Auktion Auktionsleiter Wegener 01
  11. Equestrian photography
    Letzte Auktion Wegener AAZ-Team 03
  12. Equestrian photography
    Verdener Auktion Reitpferde 01

more pictures of the November auction (price peaks) as well as all catalog photos on request at Foto Ernst,
Ganderkesee. We will gladly email you all the photos we have made for you to choose from. Also from past approvals
and auctions. Previews of my photos on websites / catalogs are for personal viewing / selection only. Any publication / duplication
(for example, on facebook, blogs or websites, including your own) is prohibited without our prior written permission
and corresponding fee. Of course, this also applies to photos of Werner and Tammo Ernst, which are already available, eg. as a photo print,
file, catalog photo (also online!), Screenshot or scan. For copyright reasons we do not send photo files “for private use” or similar wording without indication of the
actual use. In that case, I DO NOT grant any permission to use my photos. The prices for prints without any publication start at 18, – Euro incl. VAT and postage. We are happy to remove
on request and free of disturbing things (eg reins, demonstrators or horse apples on the ground) in the photo.
Of course, nothing is removed, added or changed by us on the horse. Please note our company holidays from December 21st to January 12th. There is a break between man and material.
And no requests or orders can be processed. So, inquire in time at Foto Ernst.

Please have a look at our Price List.