Oldenburg Licensing 2018

  1. Equestrian photography
    10 Casino Grande Cassini II 50
  2. Equestrian photography
    25 Don Diarado Counthargos 50
  3. Equestrian photography
    25 Siegerhengst springbetont 60
  4. Equestrian photography
    27 For Pleasure Carthago 50
  5. Equestrian photography
    45 Danone I Fuerst Romancier 50
  6. Equestrian photography
    56 Floriscount De Niro 50
  7. Equestrian photography
    68 Grand Galaxy Win T Don Schufro 60
  8. Equestrian photography
    68 Standfoto OL Siegerhengst Koerung 50
  9. Equestrian photography
    78 Morricone I Sir Donnerhall I 50
  10. Equestrian photography
    106 Zackery 50
  11. Equestrian photography
    106 Zackery 51
  12. Equestrian photography
    Oldenburger-Hengst-Tage Vechta 2018

Champion stallions of the Oldenburg stallion licensing in the Horse Center Vechta were jump-emphasized the young stallions
with the descent Don Diarado-Counthargo as well as the dressage Grand Galaxy Win T Don Schufro. More photos of the dressage horses, show jumpers of all Oldenburg Stallion Days and past auctions on request.
Gladly we email you the existing pictures of the desired horse without obligation and of course free as previews. For all offers, orders and publications, the inclusion of our terms of use, which are available at are mandatory. Of course, this also applies to photos of Werner and Tammo Ernst, which already exists, eg. as a photo print, file (online),
catalog photo or scan. The sole image rights are with Tammo Ernst, NOT with the (Oldenburg) Association, publishers, breeders, buyers or owners.
Any use of the images only with my prior written permission against corresponding fee. Take advantage of our greatly discounted photo prices if you want to combine different publications for your own use. Please note our annual company holidays from 21st December to 12th January.

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