dpm special performance “sport with horses, photo-galery of the best riders”, German Horse Museum in Verden, 17th April 2012

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From 1912 Stockholm to London in 2012, 100 years of equestrian-sports. It invited the personal members of the FN in Warendorf and the German Horse Museum in Verden/Germany. Visitors from horse breeding and equestrian sports, nationally and internationally,  successful riders (including from the former East Germany) appear to the kick-off event “100 Years of Olympic equestrian events, gallery of the best” in the City Hall Verden and the special exhibition at the horse-museum.

Including equestrian show jumper Ludger Beerbaum, dressagerider Nicole Uphoff-Selke, show jumper Meredith Micheals-Beerbaum and the most successful jumper Hans Günter Winkler and Bernd Duen.

An exhibition of horse-photographie-documents of sucessfull equestrian sport riders. Pictures from the Olympic Games with a photo-image database of equestrian sport. Including many photos of the unforgettable horse photographer Werner Ernst and his family were only made ​​for this exhibition free of charge. If you want to use these Photo Ernst images of Werner and Tammo Ernst, you find informations on this website for using our pictures of equestrian sport and horse breeding. Please use our contact form for your photo-request by photo Ernst.

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